About Us

We are not a traditional property Agent or Realtor and we are not offering that type of service.

For the buyer, we are a partner. Our mission is to find the exact property that meets your requirements, be that investment, immigration, education or lifestyle. Once we have found the right property, we will remain by your side, making the process as easy as possible and ensuring that you make all the right moves through to completion.

For sellers and realtors we are a conduit, direct to the heart of China. We are a true partner, taking the same risks as you on a success fee basis.

The people involved in our business are not just property people. We bring a much wider personal and business experience to Moof. All of us are very used to bridging the gap between East and West in both a cultural and practical sense.

Moof is part of the Akay Group (). Akay is a diversified business covering Real Estate, FMCG Trading and Gemstones. Between us we have a wide and varied business experience and so we feel very well placed to understand your needs and to make the process of buying property overseas as easy as possible.

International real estate for Chinese investors in property

Mike Kearney

General Manager
International real estate for Chinese investors in property

General Manager of Akay is Mike Kearney. Mike worked in the London property market for many years and is currently based in Ireland. As the GM of Akay he is in daily contact with our Chinese clients across all business sectors.

International real estate for Chinese investors in property

Karen Hung


Karen Hung is the manager of our Hong Kong office and Karen and her team have only one objective; to make the process of finding and buying an overseas property as easy and safe as possible for her clients. They speak your language and understand what is important to you.